Fundraising Made Easy

At K & M Drive-In we feature fresh and local ingredients on our menu.  We also work with local vendors and suppliers for all our business needs because we believe in supporting the community that supports us.

Part of our local focus and community commitment is our fundraising program.  We work with non-profits to help them raise needed funds.  Our program is simple and effective.  Just fill out one of our fundraising applications and you are on the way to raising the money that your group needs!

The first step is to book a date for your fundraiser.  Once approved, we will provide your organization with a flyer for public distribution.  The flyer will identify your organization, the purpose of the fundraiser, and the date of the fundraiser. You can make copies of the flyer and distribute as many as you would like.  The more flyers that are distributed, the more money your group is likely to raise.  K & M Drive-In will donate 15% of every sale accompanied by a redeemed flyer on the day of your fundraiser!  It is that simple! 

Call us or ask inside to speak with us about your fundraising needs!